For perfumery professionals who seek new items, the Envela range has been imagined just for you: dip a perfume wand in your bottle and/or finalize the object based on your needs. We can also develop your Gift items and create bottles just for you.

Envela is a perfume wand and tester conceived by Jeanne-Marie Devanz-Rudent in a porous ceramic manufactured in Limoges. It is directly inserted in a bottle, the typical setting for fragrances and an iconic object for any brand. The wand will accurately and sustainably transmit a perfume’s scent.

Envela faithfully transmits a fragrance without altering it. Its material is neutral, thus avoiding any modification of the fragrance when in contact with it. The perfume is placed on the wand which is then inserted in the empty bottle. The alcohol evaporates to reveal the fragrance, particularly the base notes, minimizing an olfactory saturation.

Our Envela perfume wand can be used as is or be personalized. Thus a brand or store can make the object its own so it plays a role in the presentation of its products.

Envela meets the challenges of sustainable development by limiting the use of throwaway scent strips, avoiding perfume waste or having the scent be dispersed into the atmosphere. Envela helps us concentrate on the essential.

We have a desire: imagine a new ritual for testing fragrances, thanks to Envela, that is inspired by a perfuming gesture from the last century when a drop of perfume was delicately placed behind the ear using the bottle stopper dipped in the perfume.

Perfume bottles are objects of desire. They propel the brand image and often become iconic collectors’ items. The Envela perfume wand puts the bottle center stage as a work of art, giving it a starring role in the scenography of a sales space. Its elegance and sobriety will emphasize any perfume bottle.

Envela perfume wands can be cleaned. Since they are made in ceramic, they will not be damaged by water, soap, alcohol or heat.

They are extremely resistant and long-lasting.

They can be disinfected regularly with alcohol.

Envela perfume wands are also perfume diffusers. When personalized for your brand, they easily become an ideal addition to any gift box. An Envela wand will softly diffuse your fetish perfume in an entry hall, bedroom or wardrobe …

Envela perfume wands / diffusers can also be used to diffuse your mood fragrances by capillary action!

Envela perfume wands / diffusers are ideal to use in either the perfume or essential oils universes.

Envela was conceived to test or diffuse perfumes or essential oils for well-being and/or olfactory pleasure.

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We design your diffusers based on your wishes in the image of your company.

A Gift idea? We’ll help you develop it!

A special bottle? We’ll create it for you.

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